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Meetings & Events


Planning, production, execution… that about covers it all when

talking about meetings and events. It's how those ingredients

are mixed and in what proportions that dictates the degree of

success of any meeting or event, (large or small). What’s often

needed is an “Executive Chef” to do the mixing and

that’s where we come in.


As executive chef or executive producer, we work hand-in-hand

with planners and travel professionals to assemble and manage

all elements required to deliver a flawless event. This includes all

labor and equipment, graphic and technical support (hardware &

staff), creative work, stage design, venue selection, site surveys,

video  production and live streaming.


We can also design and produce all speaker support and collateral

materials as required, such as, slide presentations, logos, videos,

posters, banners and other printed materials.


For those times when it’s imperative to get your message

out, we will liaison with local and national press agencies

to make sure everyone’s needs are met.


Whether its 20 people in a conference room or 1,200 in a ball room,

our years of design, production and  management experience, along

with in depth knowledge of the hospitality industry, will help you

achieve 100% of your goals! 


Examples: Global Management Meetings, Shareholder’s Meetings,

Employee Communications Events, Award and Recognition Programs,


Dinner Parties, Retirements, Medical Symposiums, CME's, Sales

Training and  Web Casts.



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