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Live Streaming

Live video is an extremely effective way to communicate and engage an audience.

Streaming via Live Channel: Video and Graphics Combined

Streaming with Dual Windows: Simultaneous Video and Slides

If you're looking to go beyond the usual Zoom meeting, to something more engaging and interactive, we can help.

Corsair Productions can help meet your live video needs in two ways.


1)  We produce your live events etc. as needed; that is, we supply the necessary hardware, software and personnel for each project as required.  You incur no capital expense and there is no need for any in-house training.


2)  CP will set you up with with own (in-house) capabilities. Based on your needs we will make recommendations and develope a custom system that's best for your business.


We will then manage, maintain and provide technical support as needed.

Our goal is to provide you with the ability to stream, and or record, high quality video with minimal space, minimal staff and maximum confidence!


This goal is achieved by incorporating live camera’s, professional audio and lighting, along with the ability to seamlessly mix in graphics, photos, video clips, and PowerPoint into one customized package.


You can stream via You Tube, or utilize your existing Zoom software interface.  When it comes to cost analysis, ease of use, flexibility and expand-ability, we believe we can provide you with a great solution.

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