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Corsair Productions LLC has provided meeting support,

design, photo and video services to small businesses

and Fortune 500 organizations since 2001. We assist

in developing forward thinking design and communications goals and digital media strategies.


Video uses photos, meetings use video and design, design needs photos and so it goes.


Like parts of the same machine our comprehensive services work together, allowing us to streamline production, manage projects more efficiently, enhance customer service and reduce overall costs.


Our plan is simple, leverage new technologies and procedures, establish realistic goals and expectations and incorporate over 20 years of global experience into each project. Our goal is to provide integrated, cost effective solutions for all of your meeting

and digital media needs. 


It’s basic chemistry, find the right mix of talent, timing and technology to accomplish the task, then everything falls into place. This is as true when planning a 300 person management meeting in London or a 30 second video shoot in your office.


We work with some of the area's leading organizations, including; Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Cadbury Schweppes, Kraft Foods and Price Waterhouse Coopers.


Our roots grew from an environment where “do it better, do it faster, but do it for less” was always the rule. 


What was true then is true now, earning trust, developing relationships, and providing more for less remain the principles of this business.


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