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There is a new world of creative imagery waiting to

be discovered and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is

the perfect technology to capture it.


That’s why Corsair Productions is adding the latest 4K,

GPS guided UAV system from DJI to its optical inventory.


Gain fresh visual perspectives, capture unique and (up till now)

impossible video and still images that land-locked cameras can’t

obtain. Generate buzz and excitement that will make your next

special event truly special !

Ideal usages include;  weddings, parties, large group photos, corporate

and promotional events, real estate, hotel and resort sales, surveys,

architecture, land management and construction planning.  Can be

used both indoors and outdoors.


Capture yourself, your team, or your child in action at sporting events,

rafting trips, rock climbing and much more.  Create aerial images for

web content, marketing and other commercial use at

a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


For complex shoots, dual remote capabilities allow independent flight control and camera operation, guaranteeing 100% concentration on getting the perfect shot.


For business or pleasure, in the field or at home the possibilities are endless and the results amazing.

Make the discovery, call or email for more information.



Some restrictions may apply (pending FAA regulations). State and local permission required in some circumstances. 



Discover ZERO G... 

Unmanned Aerial

Vehicle (UAV) Technology!

DJI Promotional Images

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